Headquarters of ARS ALTMANN AG in Wolnzach, Bavaria

Automobile logistics with a heart

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The following pages are intended as an opportunity for you to gain an insight into our company ARS Altmann AG and to learn more not only about our daily work, but also about our strategies and how we see the positioning and management of a medium-sized enterprise.
We hope to awake your interest.Your ARS Altmann AG

We see ourselves as a medium-sized enterprise with tradition and values

We are in a position to present ourselves as a specialist, yield and growth-driven company for automobile logistics, that is equal to the continuously changing markets in an atmosphere of increasingly globalised competition and that can successfully maintain its status as market leader in Germany and its position in Europe. We offer customised services as well as individual customer care and despite a high level of standardisation can still guarantee maximum flexibility, for example delivery capacity with short order lead times, adherence to delivery times and flexibility in the case of changes requested at short notice. All this is made possible by our state-of-the-art equipment, continuous upgrading to the respective most modern standards in communication and transport technology, but most especially by the competence of our trained staff in all divisions of our company. We maintain continuous communication throughout the group between all those involved and would like to see our corporate culture of cooperation and mutual respect expressed in our services and reflected in our order results. The person is the centre of attention at ARS Altmann. This applies to our business partners, our customers and our shareholders, and it also applies to all our staff.

The efficiency of our staff is the determining factor for the success of our company

We want staff that can identify with their jobs and their company, ARS Altmann AG. It does not matter in which field of activity – we depend on the readiness to take responsibility and on the loyalty of each individual member of staff, that is our capital. So we are well aware of our obligation to create a pleasant and secure working environment for each and every one of our employees. This applies both to recognition of performance and adequate remuneration as well as to behaving to each other with solidarity and respect. We regard all forms of harassment at work as unacceptable and suppress every sign of discrimination or incapacitation of our employee groups internally, by the management or from outside the company.
We put our faith in the social competences, the honesty and sense of decency of the whole workforce and wish to give every single person the forum that will enable them to practise these qualities freely and from conviction on a daily basis. We gather information regularly about the satisfaction of our staff, we are open for criticism and wishes and welcome independent thought and suggestions for improvement in all areas. We actively communicate all relevant internal or external innovations that concern the company, the whole branch, the law and questions of insurance and safety at work.

We invest in the future of our company and that, of course, involves the training and further education or our staff.

We are not only interested in increasing the sales output, we wish to advance the individual professional and personal development of all our staff and to grow together. Implementing state-of-the-art means of communication and transport is senseless if you do not have expert management and operators.
Caring for the potential of each individual person and supporting them with further education and training schemes not only allows us to keep pace with progress, it permits continuous sovereign control and ultimate authority for all decisions concerning each application and each implementation of new technologies.
By optimising professional competences and focussing on a performance-based work style we ensure the basis for innovative, creative and solution-driven thought, which in turn means a high degree of flexibility for our workforce. It is this that sets us apart from our competitive environment, enables us to meet the requirements of our business partners and thus win and maintain the long-term trust and satisfaction of our customers.
Of course our top priority of sustainability also applies to our personnel policy. ARS Altmann sees itself as a company dedicated to vocational training and further education. That is why we are continuously committed to awaking the interest of young, talented people for our company. In addition to commercial and technical training programs we also offer all kinds of dual courses of study and internships. We wish to make it easier for young people to get a start in their professional careers and, despite fluctuating markets and economic instability, to open up chances and prospects for them, to motivate and advance personal ambitions in order to boost self esteem and reflected self-assessment – because our young up-and-coming generation is our future!

Social awareness means taking action

In addition to the responsibility for its employees, a successful company also has social obligations. We take our assignment in this respect very seriously and put our know-how, our connections and financial resources to good use in various social and cultural areas. We concentrate on the social and cultural needs of the people in our region. On the one hand we do this because we wish to keep ourselves informed of the status and results of our measures and on the other hand to ensure that social commitment is not misused as a walking advertisement for reasons of prestige, but instead to ensure we are confronted daily with the realities of our society and thus actively live or rather experience social responsibility.
We are convinced that social injustices and factors such as educational disadvantages, social neglect and the degeneration of culture that this involves can only be overcome from within. We are committed to our location, wish to strengthen the region with our potential and to expand our radius of influence continuously in order to take an active part in the positive development our society.

Sustained ecological activity is the focal point of all business divisions

We are well aware of the uniqueness of our environment and work consistently to conserve natural resources and maintain an intact environment for the generations of today and tomorrow. In addition to the use of alternative fuels for the whole of our transport fleet and our membership in the Environmental Pact of Bavaria we have also introduced an environmental management system throughout the group that has been certified in accordance with DIN ISO 14001. We continuously improve and control the environmental compatibility of our services, from the planning phase right through to disposal and are working on measures to economise raw materials and energy by carrying out ecological assessments of our locations at every one of our logistic centres.
By introducing uniform and generally valid environmental standards in all our logistic centres and our transport units we are able to detect environmental risks and reduce these accordingly. In addition we subject ourselves to extreme evaluations with regard to the quality of our commitment to the environment and use the data and facts gained from our logistic centres to generate preventative measures and action plans for environmental protection.
As the main prize winner for Germany and Europe we were awarded the Green Freight & Logistic Award in the year 2008.
In order to ensure the future of our company and to maintain and expand social acceptance, the current ARS quality standards are much, much higher than the minimum legal requirements for a company of our size.
Sustained activity is the key to a clean future - regionally and globally.

Transparency means clear-cut conditions - we counteract corruption in all our areas of operation

Traceability and analysis of all operative actions is the basis for the success and longevity of our company. This applies to all sectors of our corporate group, from the creation and implementation of the distribution process right through to accounting, administration, financial and budget planning. By this means we wish to give all employees, business partners, customers and shareholders the opportunity to keep a check on our corporate activities as well as prohibiting every form of corruption. We do not hesitate to counteract every case of corrupt or ethically unacceptable business conduct that comes to our knowledge. This is the only way to ensure and guarantee the quality of our offers and to face all parties involved in the business with honour and respect.

Control means summing up and correcting – we put our faith in future-compliant communication and information technologies.

It is our intention that every task is fulfilled cost-effectively, reliably, promptly keeping the customer in mind. It is not only necessary to service and replace our technical systems regularly if we are to reduce distribution times, guarantee the smooth processing of an order and use maximum networking to present optimum logistical solutions, our daily activities must also be scrutinised.
We analyse our services with a critical eye and strive to modernise our working processes speedily and to restructure them wherever necessary. We ensure the quality and efficiency or our services by adapting flexibly and specifically to market conditions and customer requirements and in this way are able to maintain and foster the reputation of ARS Altmann AG. Attaining this aim is the task of the whole workforce and the basis for a future-orientated company that has potential for growth.

A final word

We hope we have given you a greater understanding of our culture and would be glad if you are able to relate to our ideas and identify with them. You can obtain any more detailed information about our corporate structure, technical equipment, working methods or strategy papers that you might require from the respective logistic centre or alternatively at info@ars-altmann.de. We look forward to hearing from you, whether as a customer, business partner or a future employee!

Best regards,
Your ARS Altmann AG – Automobile logistics with a heart