OUR CULTURE is composed in shades of blue. Blue is considered the deepest and least material colour, a symbol for truth, transparency and a gentle and superior life style.
The leading form is the inverted triangle, symbol of intuitive and process-driven behaviour. Being the sign of water and the spiritual power of creativity as well it matches the colour blue perfectly.

In the background you can see the central building of ARS Altmann AG in the community of Wolnzach, the bridge between the main building and the adjoining buildings.
This bridge simultaneously links worldwide esprit represented by the globe (left) and the deer (right), the landmark of Wolnzach embodying the regional and the traditional. The text of the categorical imperative (writing in the centre of the picture) symbolises the maxims of ARS Altmann AG, to take responsibility for its actions both regionally and internationally and to act for the long term and with an eye to the future.
So together with a snow-covered mountain, the deer and the globe form a triumvirate – in the history of art and culture the core motif for vision, challenge and the future.

An owl is watching over the mountain. It is the symbolic animal of Pallas Athena endowed with the ability to see in the dark thus enabling it to make the right decision in times of crisis. In Eastern Asia the bamboo symbolises modesty, eternal youth and irrepressible strength. The segments on its straight stem represent the steps on the path to higher knowledge.

The olive branch, the symbol of peace, in the top of the picture is also an attribute of Athena. She created the olive tree as her gift in the contest with Poseidon for the patronage of the state of Attica.
Poseidon’s gift was the horse, symbol of energy but also of short sighted actions. The olive tree is the embodiment of cultivation and healthy growth in the sense of regeneration and sustainability. Zeus awarded Athena the crown and Attica became Athens. With their bearing on the cradle of culture in the Western World, the ancient columns in the picture on the right represent a rich, filigree development of culture and care based on a sound foundation, a perfect match for the concept of culture at ARS Altmann AG.


2008, Original silk-screened,
Acryl on paper, 70x100 cm