Finishing Halle

ARS ALTMANN AG, Finishing Hall

R-C-R - Logistic centre

We currently have 19 logistic centres available with an area of approx. 3 m square meters that enables a daily transhipment of 12,300 vehicles.
With 14 national logistic centres, we offer the best-structured network in Germany. Our 5 subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and Russia are also strategically well placed near the main centres of the automotive industry in Eastern and Southern Europe.

ARS makes it possible!
Each logistic centre offers a very wide range of services for all aspects of the car and as it is our top priority to make everything possible everywhere, we as a system supplier will do without listing the individual services at this point. From vineyard tractor to HGV chassis – there is nothing that cannot be done, from small on-site repairs on a car to the conversion of a whole fleet of cars, we offer everything you need with regards servicing, conserving, updating, décor and finishing. All you have to do is contact us!

You will find the contact details for all our centres under locations.