The guiding colour red in this composition is considered vital and powerful; in China it is the colour of wealth, in ancient times the colour of new life. In psychology red is linked with a mental willingness to take action, with courage and commitment. The leading form is the triangle, the symbol of fire and actively creative restlessness, represented here by the red mountain. The mountain is conquered by a rope team from the left, the embodiment of a good and efficient team. The great challenge of a climb can only be mastered in the knowledge that trust is placed in the team and with the staying power of each and every member. The dynamic movement in the picture progresses from the bottom left to the top right symbolising the ascent and power of an undertaking.

You can see Pallas Athena on the right watching over the company, the daughter of Zeus and Metis, “ .. the embodiment of good advice. This goddess of war is not violent, she teaches the heroes strategy and political wisdom.” The olive tree in the centre of the picture stands for sustainability and healthy grown. It is the heart and support of the company. Resting on it you can see a carriage and a lion. Since the earliest times of advanced civilisations the carriage has been the sign of triumphal processions and most especially a lifestyle guided by reason.
The lion, heraldic symbol of the ruler, stands for virtue and respect, sovereignly controlled energy and consistency in battle. There is a feather in the trunk of the tree. In mythology this is the symbol of justice and a lawful world order.
A stag and an anchor flank the tree on either side. The stag with its tree-like antlers that regenerate periodically is recognised as the symbol of a continuously rejuvenating life and rebirth. The anchor promises a good hold and security and is therefore the symbol of trust and confidence. You can see a map of the world with the time zones in the background. On the one hand this indicates ARS Altmann AG’s sphere of action and on the other hand, with its division in time zones, it symbolises the challenges the company faces in the globalised world bound by networks. There are numbers spread right across the picture. According to the Pythagoreans these are the key to the harmonious laws of the cosmos – “Number is the principle of all things” according to the Pythagorean theorem with the geometric law of the square above the sides of the right-angled triangle.


2008, Original silk-screened,
Acryl on paper, 70x100 cm